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Introducing you " TOPPERS/JSP" RTOS

Welcome to the world of Toppers/JSP….

This is one of the real time operating system only in japan.So all the documentation are done in Japanese language.So getting a tutorial for this will be quite difficult.
The toppers/jsp is started for some educational purposes and now it is widening its power around the globe.

TOPPERS(Toyohashi OPen Platform for Embedded Real-time Systems)Project is based on the technical development result applied ITRON, aimed to develop base software for use in embedded systems. By releasing quality Open Source Software, it is intended to promote embedded system technology and industry. Also by utilizing developed technology and distributing educational software, it is proposed to cultivate and train embedded system programmers.

The TOPPERS Project, started by a Non Profit Organization founded in September 2003, is lead by Professor Hiroaki Takada of Nagoya University and run mainly by cooperation of public and private sectors and individuals.

The TOPPERS Project is coordinated as a NPO (non-profit organization), membership made by persons who make contributions to the project in some form or manner, which anyone can join. Please refer to the following for more information to join the project.

Origin of TOPPERS

TOPPERS is an acronym for “Toyohashi OPen Platform for Embedded Real-time Systems”. “Toyohashi” is a city located in Japan, and the name was selected based on project leader Professor Takada’s association with Toyohashi University of Technology when the project was started.

Jsp Kernel function Details
Functional Subroutines

Project Target

The TOPPERS Project is moving forward to achieve the following three targets

(1) To create a definitive real-time operating system to suit current necessities

Based on twenty years of technical development result application of ITRON, the project is aimed to create a definitive real-time operating system and distributing it as an Open Source Software. TOPPERS’s aim is to become an operating system positioned along with Linux in the embedded programming environment.

(2) Create a next generation real-time operating system technology

To answer needs to embedded programming, the project aims to create a next generation real-time operating system technology which inherits the best of ITRON applied operating system. Although it is aimed to be positioned alongside with Linux, it is not to become another Linux like operating system. By making it an Open Source Software, it will become possible to create an environment which circles public, private, and individual sectors.

(3) Cultivate and train embedded programmers

Creating educational courses and materials using Open Source Software and by providing these to the educational environment, the project is aimed to contribute to the education of embedded programmers. Courses and materials developed by the project will be made available as open educational contents.

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